2006 Submissions

-Continum- Trance Loop
-Wave Master- Techno Loop
-Chugger- Industrial Loop
-Tunnel Vision- Techno Loop
o.O Techno Loop
-o.O- Trance Loop
-The Peace of War- Industrial Loop
-Banana Pudding- Heavy Metal Song
-Fruity Loops!!!- Industrial Song
-Pure Pwnage- Miscellaneous Loop
-Short but not Sweet- Heavy Metal Loop
Trial Genre Miscellaneous Loop
-Aventure Score- Video Game Loop
-Metal Plate- Heavy Metal Loop
-Burning Sensations- Industrial Song
-Bound to the Rebound- Techno Song
-Sonic Fusion- Techno Song
-World's Last Breath- Industrial Song
-Senthesizer- (unedited) Techno Song
-Overloaded- Techno Song
-Perfect Zero- Techno Song
Synthesized (dist & convolt) Techno Song
-In Another Galaxy- Industrial Song
_-Behind Enemy Lines-_ Heavy Metal Song
-Rage_of_the Machines- Heavy Metal Song
Rythmic_Logic Techno Song